Alpine Funds

Founded: 1969
Mutual Fund
Type: private
AUM (in Billions): 3.8
Company Phone: 888-785-5578
Sales Phone: 888-785-5578

Our core goals, like those of our shareholders, are building and preserving wealth. We are aligned with our clients — Alpine employees, families, and friends are sizeable investors in our funds. As pioneers in global real estate investing we believe we have the experience and keen insight to guide client portfolios through the complexities of today's global financial markets. In 1969, Stephen Lieber, founded Lieber and Company and in 1971 Lieber and Co. started Evergreen Asset Management with the Evergreen Fund, the first of 10 Evergreen Funds to be launched over the next two decades. In 1989 Sam Lieber, our CEO, started the Evergreen Global Real Estate Fund (now known as the Alpine International Real Estate Fund), the first fund to concentrate on world-wide real estate investments.

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