Founded: 1999
Mutual Fund
Employees: 201-500
Type: public
AUM (in Billions): 58.7
Company Phone: 212-661-0061
Sales Phone:

Ashmore is one of the world's leading investment managers dedicated to Emerging Markets with a long history of outperforming the market. Ashmore focuses on a number of investment themes which include External Debt, Local Currency, Corporate Debt, Blended Debt, Equities and Alternatives. We believe that there are many potential asset classes in emerging countries - as capital markets grow rapidly in emerging markets we wish to be a part of that growth, both enabling access to these markets by developed world pools of capital, but also and increasingly by emerging market pools of capital. Ashmore listed as a public company in 2006, and have offices and activity in ten countries across both developed and emerging markets.

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Territory(s):    Alabama Florida Georgia Louisiana Maryland Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Virginia West Virginia Washington DC
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