Buffalo Funds

Founded: 1994
Website: http://www.buffalofunds.com
Mutual Fund
Employees: 11-50
Type: private
AUM (in Billions): 4.1
Company Phone: 800-492-8332
Sales Phone: 913-754-1537

The Buffalo Funds is a family of ten actively-managed mutual funds offering a variety of domestic equity, international equity and income-generating investment strategies. The Funds were founded by employee-owned Kornitzer Capital Management, Inc. (KCM), an investment management firm established in 1989, which continues to act as advisor to the Funds. We believe that patient investing backed by solid, intelligent research is the best way to achieve potential long-term financial rewards. Disciplined investment decisions are made using a distinct, time-tested investment approach guided by trend analysis, rigorous fundamental company research, and strict security valuation parameters. Our fund family is characterized by a long-term investment strategy and a team-based, idea-sharing management style. "Trends and Patience" is our mantra, and our great strength.

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