Dodge & Cox Funds

Founded: 1930
Mutual Fund
Type: private
AUM (in Billions): $259.0
Company Phone: 800-621-3979
Sales Phone: 800-621-3979

Investment management is Dodge & Cox’s only business. We are focused on providing U.S., global, and international equity; fixed income; and balanced account management. Strategies: Equity — The philosophy guiding the management of our equity portfolios is built on traditional principles: we maintain a long-term focus, conduct our own research, and employ a rigorous price discipline. Our approach is research-intensive; decisions are based on individual company analysis by our team of investment professionals. Fixed Income — Dodge & Cox’s philosophy is to construct and manage a high average quality portfolio of securities that are selected through bottom-up, fundamental analysis. We believe that by combining fundamental research with a long-term investment horizon it is possible to uncover and act upon inefficiencies in the valuation of market sectors and individual securities. Balanced — Our objective in managing balanced accounts is to provide regular income, conservation of principal, and an opportunity for long-term growth of principal and income. Our strategy is to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks and fixed income securities.

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