Entry Point Advisor Network

Founded: 2012
Website: http://www.epadvisornetwork.com/
SMA Insurance Annuity
Employees: 11-50
Type: private
AUM (in Billions):
Company Phone: 810-588-6498
Sales Phone: 810-588-6498

Entry Point Advisor Network unites an overly fragmented industry where independent financial professionals must overcome the daily burden of having to assemble and manage multiple one dimensional solutions and relationships in order to successfully serve their clients. Simplicity is Entry Point Advisor Network’s competitive advantage; we provide holistic independent financial professionals a single trusted source of premier modular solutions and capabilities curated from across the industry. In doing this, we brought together the flagship leaders across life, annuity, marketing, technology, securities, and RIA to create the first and only national Network designed to provide premier advisors comprehensive – not captive – support. Entry Point Advisor Network’s remarkable modular capability is the foundation of a new frontier in financial services. To best expedite advisors’ and agents’ internalization of this new paradigm, realizing the success you seek across personal life, practice success, and clients’ results, we created the Business Development Advisor (BDA). The BDA is truly your vested consultant to create a sustaining catalyst for change in mindset, practice management, capability, marketing, compliance, and technology. Adopting this new paradigm within your practice ultimately assures your success: By combining a comprehensive set of services, unlocking efficiency, and using truly client first communication you are able to achieve your maximum potential to the benefit of your clients and your success. Individually we represent the industry you are familiar with together we are the industry you always pictured: Big, Fast, and Flexible. The whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.

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