NorthCoast Asset Management

Founded: 1988
Mutual Fund
AUM (in Billions):
Company Phone: 800-274-5448
Sales Phone: 800-274-5448

Since 1988, NorthCoast has provided investment management to individuals and institutions. We have guided our clients through the market declines of 2000-2002 and 2008 and seized opportunities during growth markets of the 90’s and mid 2000s. For almost thirty years, we have removed fear and greed from our investment process and have allowed discipline and data to deliver. We believe a thoroughly researched and repeatable investment process rooted in common sense will outperform over time. In our research, we have found that securities and markets reward certain factors. To capitalize on these factors, we employ market exposure and security selection models based on fundamental logic. This logic has been validated by thorough research and is applied daily as part of our investment process.

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