Thornburg Funds

Founded: 1982
Mutual Fund SMA
Employees: 201-500
Type: private
AUM (in Billions): 55
Company Phone: 800-847-0200
Sales Phone: 800-847-0200

Founded in 1982 by Garrett Thornburg, Thornburg Investment Management (Thornburg) is an independent global investment management firm that provides a range of active investment strategies to serve a broad spectrum of client needs. Headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Thornburg is geographically removed from the world’s major financial centers. Being far from the status quo investment arena inspires us to think outside of popular opinion and base our decisions on unconventional wisdom and a larger frame of reference. Many investment managers may do what we do. Setting us apart from them, however, is how we do it: how we think, how we invest, and how we’re structured.

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Contact Bob Edmunds
SVP of Sales and Strategy
Thornburg Funds Wholesalers
Steven Elder
Territory(s):    Washington Oregon Idaho
Dean Mesquite
Territory(s):    California Nevada
John Gould
Territory(s):    California Nevada
Rob Stack
Territory(s):    Montana Wyoming Arizona New Mexico Utah
Greg Supple
Territory(s):    Minnesota Illinois Wisconsin