How To Use AssetLink


Common Questions


For Financial Advisors


For Wholesalers

Common Questions


What is a project?

A “project” is any deliverable an FA would like from a Financial Wholesaler. Whether an FA needs a speaker at a client event, is inquiring about a new fund, would like tips/advice on growing their book, through AssetLink, an FA can post projects to any Wholesaler in their territory.


Who should post a project?

All Financial Advisors or Branch Managers are encouraged to post projects. AssetLink automatically uses the FA information to match the project with a network of Wholesalers with the same territory, channel, and other criteria the FA selects.


How do I message a wholesaler?

After submitting a project and receiving submissions by wholesalers, the FA and Wholesaler will see a message button on the project page, which will take the user to a messaging page. The messaging feature allows the Fa and Wholesaler to communicate about the project or exchange needed information.


What is my Network?

“My Network” is a feature on AssetLink that allows an FA to “save” Wholesaler profiles to one location. Usually these are Wholesalers the FA has worked with or wants to work with.


Can I alert people in my network when I post a project?

Yes! In fact, there is a feature on AssetLink that allows you to post your project to your saved network. An automatic email will be sent to the Wholesalers prompting them to view your project.


I am a wholesaler and my company is not listed. How do I register?

If you do not see you company upon Wholesale registration, you will see a “Don’t see your company” button under “Select Your Company”. This button allows you to request that your company be included in our database. We have a thorough vetting process for all companies and if all checks out, we will add the company suggestion. Then registration will then be possible.


How do I message an advisor?

After you, the Wholesaler, have submitted a bid for a project and you have been chosen by the FA, you will see a message FA button on the project page that will allow you to start a conversation with the FA. You have the ability to share any information the FA requires and will allow you to get to know the FA better.

For Financial Advisors


Registering and updating profile

  2. 1. You can either click on Login in the navigation menu or on one of the Get Started buttons on the homepage of AssetLink.
  3. 2. If you clicked on Login, click on the SIGN UP HERE button above the login box.
  4. 3. Choose the FINANCIAL ADVISOR option.
  5. 4. Fill out all fields then click GET STARTED!
  6. 5. You are now on your Dashboard.
  7. 6. Please continue on to finish filling out your profile by clicking Edit Profile in red at the top of your screen.
  8. 7. You will not be able to post a project until your profile is properly filled out.

Posting a project

  2. 1. In order to post a project you must finish filling out your profile.
  3. 2. When you are ready to post a project click on POST PROJECT button in the upper right corner.
  4. 3. Enter the title and description of your project.
  5. 4. Choose location.
  6. 5. Check all wholesaler types, product types, channels, and skills that apply to the project.
  7. 6. If you have an attachment, click the SAVE & ADD ATTACHMENTS button.
  8. 7. Click CREATE PROJECT to post to public.
  9. 8. Click on Projects in the navigation menu to check activity.


Search for Wholesalers

  2. 1. Click on Wholesaler Search in the main menu.
  3. 2. Search using a term in the Filter by Keyword area of the right sidebar.
  4. 3. Filter your search by using the Refine By feature in the right sidebar.

For Wholesalers


Claiming your profile

1. Click on Wholesaler Registration in the upper right hand corner.
  2. 3. Type your name in the search bar. Make sure your name matches the correct company!
  3. 4. Click CLAIM.
  4. 5. Confirm that it is you.
  5. 6. Enter your company email to help us verify your identity.
  6. 7. Click complete.
  7. 8. Once you have reached your Dashboard, click on Edit Profile at the top of the page to complete your profile.
  8. 9. You will not be able to bid on projects unless your profile is complete!


Registering (when you don’t have a profile to claim)

1. Click on Wholesaler Registration at the top right of the page.
  1. 2. Fill out fields for registration.
  2. 3. Click GET STARTED!
  3. 4. Once you have reached your Dashboard, click on Edit Profile at the top of the page to complete your profile.
  4. 5. You will not be able to bid on projects unless your profile is complete!


Searching and Bidding Projects

1. Click Find Projects in the navigation menu.
  1. 2. Browse projects that are posted or narrow your search using the filtering and refining options in the sidebar on the right hand side.
  2. 3. Once you see a project you like click VIEW PROJECT to learn more.
  3. 4. If you are interested in the project, and you match territories with the Advisor, click SUBMIT PROPOSAL.
  4. 5. Enter days to complete your project and the details of your proposal.
  5. 6. You will be notified when the Advisor chooses your proposal.